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Manual Blending Valve
Autotaps manual mixer valves
A manual blending mixer valve is a device that mixes or blends hot and cold water to ensure constant, safe outlet temperatures preventing scalding. When you buy any automatic tap with 'single' supply, there’s a chance you will need a thermostatic control or a blending valve to regulate hot and cold water supply.
Autotaps manual mixer valve has manual temperature adjuster or 'knob' which by adjusting it (turning it left or right) will change the temperature of each hot and cold supply.
This particular blending valve require the user to physically change the teperature as required.
ABV-0012: Manual Blending Valve
Autotaps manual blending mixing valve is a device that's required to be turned manually in order to mix or blends hot and cold water. 
It has manual adjustment control that gives the user the ability to manually adjust the temperature as desired.
Compatible with all Autotaps™ sensor taps with single supply or with a control box.
Compatible with all Autotaps models
ABV-0012 blending valve is not automatic, and it requires the user to manually adjust the temperature by turning the knob to required or safe temperature.
Inlet: 1/2 Inch (Male)
Outlet: 1/2 Inch (Female)